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தமிழக அரசிடம் இளங்கோ வேந்தன் தமிழ் காப்போர் அறக்கட்டளை முன்வைக்கவுள்ள தமிழ்காக்கும் கோரிக்கைகளுக்கு ஆதரவு
தெரிவிக்க இங்கு நுழைக!

Ann registered the Ilango Veyndhan Tamil Kappor Trust to protect the Tamil language from destruction.  The trust does not accept donations and it shall not be held responsible for any possible wrongful collections by anti-socialists using the name.  Please do not provide donations in the trust's name.

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Note:  The author Ann/Jasmine is a fan of Mr. Jamshad Cethirakath a.k.a. Mr. Arya, actor and model, whose movie characters were an inspiration to the "Jamshad Rahim Khan" character in the My Brother Satan Fiction Series.  The actor has nothing to do with any of the characters or events in the books.  A screenplay is being done to book him to do the roles as well in the movie-making of the novels in English.  Questions related to this issue would not be addressed unless from a source authorized by the actor himself.  Thank you!--Admin.

"My Brother Satan" is a Supernatural, New World Order Adult Fiction Series by Ann AriEl Wilson.

"The Fire Lord against his Vampire Sister" is the sequel to "The Princess and the Serpent," of the My Brother Satan series.


The story line narrates the events that could happen preceding Armageddon with supernatural elements along with the basic story continued from Book-1.

The enmity between siblings gives the title though politics and romance is in the heights.

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1. My Brother Satan-Book-3:  The Reign of the Morningstar-Fiction
2. Tamizhum Piravum-Minor Research
Click here to download the Epistle from God through Ariel in Tamil.
Click here to download the English Translation.

About Ann AriEl...

Ms. Ann Ari-El A. (Alias) Pramila, is a young Indian author, lyricist, composer, and singer who had stepped into the realm of literature with beautiful ideas, like a promising tree. Her writings are literary as well as evangelical. She writes in two languages, English and Tamil.  She believes in two religions, namely, Judaism and Christianity.

Her first work, The Pearl Box And The Seahorse, a novella, was written when she was 21 years old, being inspired by a dream and "The Glorious New Creation," portrayed in The Bible in Isaiah 65.
Her debut Tamil novel, "Antha Iruvarin Naatkurippugal," throws a glimpse on the lifestyle of the corporate world in Chennai city as well as some nearby townships, and unveils many dark corners of life that appears to be bright in the state. According to Ann, true love and good marriages are the key factors for a peaceful society whereas families are considered as the building blocks of a society.

Ann is the first poetess in the history of Tamil to have written a proper epic in Archaic Sangam Tamil.  Ann wrote the first part Kalvik Kaandam of Tamil's sixth great epic, Potruhil in 2012 and the remaining three parts in 2014, namely, Meetchik Kaandam, Kadarkot Kaandam and Aranjei Kaandam, summing up Potruhil to 5400 lines, making it larger than Silappathikaaram and Manimegalai.  She also wrote hundred archaic Tamil songs of the Puram genre in 2013 and titled it as "Puram Nooru."  Both of these great writings are to be released in 2016.  Aham Nooru of Sangam Tamil Agam genre was written by Ann in October 2015 and is to be released with PuramNooru and Pengalum Samoogamum, a minor research article.

Through her works, she clearly illustrates the glory of peace, as well as emphasizes the need to turn from violence to attain a happy and contended life on earth.

Ann registered the Ilango Veyndhan Tamil Kappor Trust to protect the Tamil language from destruction.  The trust does not accept donations and it shall not be held responsible for any wrongful collections made using the name.

Ann composed tune and lyrics for the Album Chellak Kaadhalan, from which a couple of songs had been taken into upcoming Tamil Films.  She is working on another album now composing the tune and lyrics and will sing a couple of songs in the series.

The Epistle from God to Mankind through Ariel is a result of a paranormal vision.